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In today's competitive business environment, most companies simply cannot afford to ignore global markets. International sales present substantial earning opportunities. However, entering a foreign market can be challenging as unfamiliar cultures, laws, regulations and advertising in foreign languages usually present obstacles. This is where Lexis Communications, a languages services vendor incorporating, Web DTP and engineering technologies can help you.

Since its inception, Lexis Communications has differentiated itself through its absolute focus on its customers. Unlike many translation service vendors, we are a full service company with an adequate sized in-house staff along with our pool of 1600 professional freelance translators. This “translates” to direct access to the translator, editor, proofreader, DTP expert or localization engineer by the client if changes have to be made while the project is in progress, as well as to post project completion service. This results in precision, lower cost and efficiency. We passionately believe in working to identify our customers' precise language needs and developing products and services to meet those needs. Always on time, time after time and always within the customer's budget.

We have a customer-focused team of experienced project managers, translators, editors, desktop publishers and engineers at our Montreal location, contributing to the successful global communication of several Fortune 500 multinationals and leading companies in the life sciences, financial, legal, engineering, IT and retail sectors, as well as in government. Therein lays our ability to deliver timely, cost-effective top-quality translations to our customers and this is how you can be certain that you are dealing with the best possible language services provider for your organization.

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations, call or send us an email at info@lexiscomm.net

Lexis Communications is an industry leader providing language services and delivering accurate, high-quality translations & transcription services in over 100 languages. 

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