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                Back-Translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into a foreign language back to the original language, as undertaken by an independent translator. This is often necessary as nuances of translation are far-ranging. A specific word in one language, for example, may have no equivalent in another language, or could have a completely different " meaning" or effect in the translated language. Unfortunately, the main reason for the demand of such a service remains that of non-qualitative or unreliable translations undertaken by third parties.

                At Lexis Communications, we believe that Back-Translation can improve the reliability and validity of texts in different languages by requiring that the quality of a translation is verified by an independent translator translating back into the original language. Original and back translated documents can then be compared by the client. Due to its cost - as it involves translating the same document twice – Back-Translation is not overly common for small projects, but for our clients in very high risk, high return situations, it has proven well worth the investment.

        Lexis Communications has undertaken many such Back-Translations from documents prepared by third parties and we are proud to say that we have helped many clients to avoid certain embarrassment and financial losses alike. In fact we have won and retained many clients as a result of this. Our Back-Translation projects often exceed 150000 source words within tight deadlines, in fields as diverse as Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum and Gas, Aerospace, IT and  Engineering to name a few.

          To find out how you too can benefit from our expertise in Back-Translations call or email us to discuss a cost-effective solution that is right for you and your company.



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