At Lexis Communications we have translated tens of thousands of documents, localized hundreds of software titles, websites and online training courses, provided subtitling and DVD authoring services, as well as thousands of hours of audio, video, radio and television transcriptions. The expertise and professional service provided by Lexis Communications at the industry’s most competitive prices is the main reason behind our many repeat customers.

Top Quality. Whether you entrust us with a $100 or $200,000 project, a single-page or 5000 page document, all of our services at
Lexis Communications are characterized by our commitment to quality. Our adherence to ISO-9001 and SAE J2450  compliant processes and procedures is always the same regardless of project size.

Professionalism. Lexis Communications delivers professional language services in more than 50 languages. Our translation staff is comprised of accredited members of translation associations such as those of the American Translation Association, the Institute of Linguists, JAT and ATICOM among others. We only recruit the best we simply feel that it is what our customers deserve.

Fastest Turnaround. While the quality of the project is never compromised, the leveraging of terminology by Lexis Communications ensures 100% consistency, as a result on average our clientele usually realizes a 40% faster turnaround than that of the established industry standard.

We look forward to discussing your company's language services needs, call or email us at



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