Our Environmental Commitments










                  Lexis Communications was established to deliver worldwide language services to customers. We believe that the very nature of our business, as facilitators of global communication between corporations, organizations and individuals alike, makes us particularly sensitive to issues of global climate change. We are committed to promoting awareness and protection of the environment through an appropriate management system. We will conduct our business in compliance with all applicable regulations and expect every employee to take responsibility for meeting these standards when performing his or her duties. We pledge to accomplish this by:


                                      dia_bluve.gif Using recycled paper for all office uses

                                      dia_bluve.gif Purchasing products that are reusable or that contain recycled materials

                                      dia_bluve.gif Sorting waste products for disposal purposes

                                      dia_bluve.gif Raising energy consumption awareness among our staff   thereby reducing

                                            electricity consumption

                                      dia_bluve.gif Contributing to air quality through the ellimination of usage of aerosol type                                               products

                                      dia_bluve.gif Reducing paper consumption and waste

                                      dia_bluve.gif Reducing water consumption and waste

                                      dia_bluve.gif Reducing oil consumption and therefore the contribution to greenhouse gas

                                            production, through the use of public transportation by our staff when possible

                                      dia_bluve.gif Recycling of computer and office equipment

                                      dia_bluve.gif Financially contributing to environmental groups and organizations

                                      dia_bluve.gif Dealing only with suppliers and subcontractors who adhere to the same

                                            environmental principles

                      Join Lexis Communications in the global struggle against climate change!



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