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Financial Translation Services

Low quality financial translations can become hazardous through losses in reputation, market-share and income as well as possible legal liabilities. Where time is money, accuracy and consistency should be a priority. You need financial translations by experts such as  Lexis Communications, trusted time and time again by international banking, accounting and insurance firms for their most important and voluminous translation projects. From our ISO-9001 quality standard adherence, to our highly qualified and experienced translators, editors and DTP staff to our customer-focused project management, we provide cost-effective translations for large volume projects even at the shortest of deadlines. Confidentiality is assured through non-disclosure agreements. At Lexis Communications we have years of experience in translating financial documents, in Canadian French and in over 50 languages. Our business is largely made up of returning clients and their referrals. With one of the highest customer retention rates over the years, we are confident in our ability to provide you with cost-effective language solutions including translation, localization and DTP Publishing for: 



dia_bluve.gif Annual Reports

dia_bluve.gif Bond & Equity Research

dia_bluve.gif Corporate Minutes 

dia_bluve.gif Initial Public Offerings

dia_bluve.gif Insurance Policies & Claims

dia_bluve.gif Investment Proposals

dia_bluve.gif Investor Updates

dia_bluve.gif Financial Prospectuses

dia_bluve.gif Financial Accounting

dia_bluve.gif Financial Statements

dia_bluve.gif Futures Contracts

dia_bluve.gif Mergers & Acquisitions 

dia_bluve.gif Multimedia Content

dia_bluve.gif Shareholder Agreements

dia_bluve.gif Underwriting Agreements 

dia_bluve.gif Website Content 


Legal Translation Services

                In recent years we have seen an increase in legal firm mergers and strategic alliances on a global scale. The legal industry now employs tens of thousands of staff throughout the world. Lexis Communications has been providing cost-effective legal language solutions to many law firms and institutions. When contemplating legal translations we have to understand that there are as many aspects of legal translation as there are specialties. Since a single translator cannot possibly cover all of them, Lexis Communications represents an ideal solution, as we have access to hundreds of specialists in dealing with most major legal areas and document types such as:

dia_bluve.gif Consumer Protection   

dia_bluve.gif Education 

dia_bluve.gif Business Forms 

dia_bluve.gif Advertising

dia_bluve.gif Banking

dia_bluve.gif Environment

dia_bluve.gif Insurance 

dia_bluve.gif Labor

dia_bluve.gif Consultancy Contracts   

dia_bluve.gif Patents & Trademarks

dia_bluve.gif Power of Attorney

dia_bluve.gif Financial Documents 

dia_bluve.gif Data Protection

dia_bluve.gif Legal Tenders

dia_bluve.gif Property

dia_bluve.gif Taxation

dia_bluve.gif Business Sales Agreements 

dia_bluve.gif Property Letting Forms 

dia_bluve.gif Partnership Agreement Forms

dia_bluve.gif Commerce & Trade Contracts

dia_bluve.gif Internet Law Forms

dia_bluve.gif Wills & Probates

dia_bluve.gif E-Commerce   

dia_bluve.gif Discoveries 

            At Lexis Communications we deal with a wide range of clients, from attorneys and law firms to government and financial institutions, providing them with quality legal translations in over 50 languages including  French Canadian. Our adherence to the ISO-9001 quality standard andour experienced translators, combined with terminology leveraging to ensure consistency and our client-centered approach, guarantee that your translation will be of the highest quality.

            We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a high-quality, cost-effective translation solution that is right for you and your company, please contact us.



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