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            To conduct business in Canada, an understanding of bilingualism is essential to your success. If your business exports products to Canada, you should know that all packaging, including manuals, inserts and instruction sheets, must be bilingual and obey governmental guidelines. Any failure to do so may result in your product(s) being withdrawn from retail stores. To reach a French-Canadian clientele, you can count on a professional  French Canadian translation services provider like Lexis Communications, with our many years of experience in dealing with the Canadian and Quebec markets.

          Lexis Communications provides a multitude of clients from diverse fields, with accurate and qualitative French Canadian translations undertaken only by native speaker translators. Using our professional   French Canadian translation services, you will increase your customer base through linguistic compliance, which is a legal requirement for operation, marketing or product merchandising in the province of Quebec. 

        Contact Lexis Communications today todiscuss your company's requirements for professional French Canadian translation services. Our   French Canadian department  will help you maximize your global outreach. We guarantee that like our past and present clients in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Engineering, IT, Legal and other industries, you will be pleased with our professional services and our most affordable rates. Please inquire about our large volume project discounts.

        Contact us today and together we will find the perfect solution for you and your company.     



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