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                In a globalized culture, governments worldwide at the national, state or provincial level need accurate and cost effective translation services. Lexis Communications is a translation services vendor to a number of national and international government and charitable organizations as well as NGO's. With clients at all government levels in the United States, Canada and the European Union, Lexis Communications successfully provides high quality multilingual translation and localization services involving large volume projects. With our years of experience, our adherence to the ISO-9001 quality standard, our client-focused service and a data base of over 1,600  professional linguists specializing in a wide array of subjects, we can provide expert specialized translations in every field you require, while substantially cutting costs. 

          As Government documents contain a lot of repetitions, to further cut costs and to ensure translation consistency, Lexis Communications uses commercially available translation memory software, as opposed to proprietary tools. The advantage is that if ever the client decides to handle their translations internally, the translation glossaries compiled can be installed in their own TM, hence saving costs by the re-use of existing translated text(s). With years of experience in more than 50 languages including French Canadian, we can help you communicate more effectively with local and international communities, as we have accomplished for our clients in such fields as:


dia_bluve.gif Community Relations

dia_bluve.gif Education

dia_bluve.gif Utilities Energy & Gas

dia_bluve.gif Housing

dia_bluve.gif International Relations

dia_bluve.gif Legal & Legislative

dia_bluve.gif PR Campaigns

dia_bluve.gif Audio Visual Transcription

dia_bluve.gif eContent

dia_bluve.gif eLearning Materials

dia_bluve.gif Patient Communication

dia_bluve.gif Public Announcements

dia_bluve.gif Social & Health Services

dia_bluve.gif Planning

dia_bluve.gif Procurements & Tenders Research

dia_bluve.gif Transport & Tourism

dia_bluve.gif Defense Related Materials

dia_bluve.gif Foreign Media Transcription

dia_bluve.gif Manuals & Publications

          At Lexis Communications we have highly qualified language resources in over 50 languages and dialects. We have an extensive database of highly experienced linguists in high-demand languages, with graduate and post-graduate degrees, with security clearances in the US, Canada and the EU.

          We are able to provide high quality and cost-effective translation, transcription analysis and reporting, including comprehensive summaries of important geopolitical and economic developments relating to any area of responsibility (AOR).

              To learn more about how our translation or localization services at Lexis Communications can benefit your organization, or to discuss any proposed project, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a high-quality, cost-effective language solution that is right for you.

Our Procurement Business Number (PBN) is: 827563206PG0001


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