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              In order to be certain that your message is communicated with clarity, accuracy and that it carries all the nuances that the original writer intended, a highly experienced, respected, professional translation service provider with vast experience in your industry is necessary. This is a particularly important issue for highly regulated industries involving medical devices, clinical research, pharmaceuticals, law, finance and engineering. We, at Lexis Communications have successfully undertaken many large specialized - industry specific - projects over the years for some of the most well known companies, as can be seen through our client list.

            The highly qualified Translators, Proofreaders, Editors and DTP staff at Lexis Communications hold degrees in engineering, life sciences, law and accounting in addition to having linguistic credentials along with professional work experience in their subject areas and not simply in translation. Furthermore an internal certification process assesses the translator’s competency in the proposed area of translation, thereby assuring us that our client(s) can expect the highest quality project turnaround possible.

          Our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance process enables us at Lexis Communications to guarantee high quality, while the implementation of a leveraging technologies permits the reduction of   costs and passing on the savings to our clients. These combined with excellent client-focused customer service during an ongoing project and even after its completion, have been the key factors for customer satisfaction and retention throughout the years.

        At Lexis Communications our translation expertise within key industries includes:


              dia_bluve.gif Medical &   Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Studies

              dia_bluve.gif Science & Technology: Electronics, Telecom, Software, Hardware, Mobile devices

              dia_bluve.gif Manufacturing: Automotive, Aerospace, Petroleum, Defense Industry

              dia_bluve.gif Hospitality & Retail: Retail, Human Resources and Hospitality Industries

              dia_bluve.gif Financial &   Legal: Accounting, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Patents              

                dia_bluve.gif Government:   Education, Administrative, Oil, Electric, Gas  & Energy Markets




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