Localization Services

Adapting Software and Web Services to a Global Marketplace.

Localization Services

Multilingual adaptation of websites and applications reaching a global audience.

Localization is the process by which multiple language versions of your software products or web sites are created. The goal is to develop a foreign language edition that appears to your target customers to have been originally developed in their native language. Each country and culture presents its own idiosyncrasies, ranging from linguistic issues, to technical considerations such as the format of measures, sizes, time and date, to cultural issues such as color preferences and possible symbolisms. Failure to overcome these obstacles can undermine an international customer's perception of your company or products and negatively influence their decision to do business with you or purchasing your products. Lexis Communications, through our experienced managers, linguists and engineers can provide optimum localization solutions in terms of management, quality, cost, and delivery time. Our adherence to the ISO-9001 Quality Standard as well as the LISA Quality Assurance Model, assures that our clients can rely on us for cost-effective localization solutions. Localization is a process that involves the following procedures:

  •  Reviewing target market to identify local linguistic and environmental requirements  
  •  Analyzing product to determine the areas to be adapted  
  •  Extracting text and other linguistic or culturally sensitive material  
  •  Translating and modifying these elements  
  •  Re-engineering the core product to accept the new foreign market content  
  •  Testing foreign market editions to ensure they meet the performance standards of  a domestic product 

Website Localization 

Broaden the horizons of your business!

Lexis Communications can translate your site into more than 100 languages and adapt it for specific target locales. If you want to do business internationally, the localization of your company's web site is not an option - it is a requirement. Company sites are translated, localized and adapted for use in the chosen markets, thereby ensuring the consistency of corporate message and identity. For purposes of International e-Commerce, all parts of the web site including online catalogs, point of sale areas and customer service are translated and localized for your targeted market(s). We have experienced localization project professionals with multiple years of experience. Our team can help you overcome the technical and linguistic obstacles of web site localization to achieve an effective international online presence, as they have done for our clients, helping your company to enter new markets faster and with a greater degree of confidence in being ready to meet the unique demands of new customers.

To learn more about how our professional and cost-effective localization services can benefit your company, please contact us.  

Lexis Communications is an industry leader providing language services and delivering accurate, high-quality translations & transcription services in over 100 languages. 

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