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                In a globalized economy where manufacturers have international targets, the increasing sophistication and complexity of modern manufacturing systems and processes require a competent, experienced multilingual language service provider like Lexis Communications to convey complex information and instructions in multiple languages. We have broad experience in many sectors of the manufacturing industry from automotive and consumer electronics to textiles and aerospace to industrial and scientific equipment. Adhering to ISO-9001 quality standards, through linguistic accuracy and by leveraging terminology thereby ensuring consistency, while simultaneously reducing costs and completion time alike, we have proven our commitment in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

          Manufacturers must train and manage a globalized workforce within internationally competitive industries in order to increase productivity and profits, while minimizing costs. From company Website Localization to Content Development and eLearning Solutions, in Online, CD-Rom or DVD formats for the training of assembly workers and overseas employees, Lexis Communications has helped its clients in such diverse manufacturing sectors as Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Metallurgy, Plastics, Pulp and Paper and Textiles, to achieve their goals through our high quality and cost-effective translation and localization services solutions. The types of documents and media that we have translated and localized for our clients include:


dia_bluve.gif Case Study Reports

dia_bluve.gif Catalogues

dia_bluve.gif CD-Rom Courses & Manuals

dia_bluve.gif DVD Courses & Manuals

dia_bluve.gif eLearning Materials

dia_bluve.gif Employee Handbooks 

dia_bluve.gif Equipment Manuals

dia_bluve.gif Feasibility Studies 

dia_bluve.gif Instruction Manuals

dia_bluve.gif ISO Specifications

dia_bluve.gif Machinery Layouts

dia_bluve.gif Packaging Information

dia_bluve.gif Press Releases

dia_bluve.gif Quality Control Manuals 

dia_bluve.gif Research Papers

dia_bluve.gif Safety Data Sheets

dia_bluve.gif Service Manuals

dia_bluve.gif Technical Reports 

dia_bluve.gif Training Materials

dia_bluve.gif Websites


                    To learn more about how our translation services at Lexis Communications can benefit your company, or to discuss any proposed project, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a high-quality, cost-effective translation solution that is right for you and your company.



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