Media Monitoring Services

System Solutions & Linguist Recruitment and Evaluation

Media Monitoring Services

System Solutions & Linguist Recruitment and Evaluation

Knowing about global news, business and current affairs can profoundly influence both your status within any industry, as well as shape policy and strategy of business and government alike. The monitoring capabilities and professional experience of Lexis Communications is unrivalled by our competitors.

If it is posted or streamed on the Internet or aired on local or international radio and television, we can transcribe and translate it for you. You can get the most current information including live coverage of stories unfolding around the world, transcribed in your language of choice and rapidly delivered in the format you choose(1). 

Our network of professional monitors and media analysts spanning four continents, will deliver to you customized reports on news stories and current affairs, virtually as they develop. Lexis Communications uses the most advanced technology for the reception, filtering and processing of audio, video and text data, delivering to our clients the information they need from local and international, sources, providing translated articles, summaries and transcripts at the most competitive prices. We also offer custom tailored Foreign Media Monitoring Translation System solutions(2) covering Radio, TV and Satellite TV using COTS software and hardware components. In addition through our technical department, COTS and Custom Broadband, Satellite & Wi-Fi antenna design solutions are also available. Lexis Communications also offers business and government clients our Linguist recruitment and evaluation service for those seeking to hire or evaluate potential candidates for linguist related positions. 

  •    We monitor Local and International Broadcast Radio Stations
  •    We monitor Local and International Internet Streamed Radio & TV Stations
  •    We monitor News, Industry Specific Websites as well as worldwide Blogs at your request  
  •    We can alert you immediately to breaking news via Email.  
  •    We deliver the information you want, when you want it, in your language of choice  
  •    We deliver Media Monitoring Translation Systems as COTS and Custom solutions  
  •    We provide Linguist recruitment and evaluation services 

For a free estimate on a Media Monitoring package or any other of our Media Monitoring related services addressing your needs, please contact us at:

(1)  All proposed media monitoring services will be provided in compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws as well as within the legal framework pertaining to royalties where applicable.
 (2) All proposed Media Monitoring Translation System Solutions will be provided in compliance with any applicable local, national and international laws relating but not limited to import/export, radio-communications act(s), as well as copyright and intellectual property laws.

Lexis Communications is an industry leader providing language services and delivering accurate, high-quality translations & transcription services in over 100 languages. 

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