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            Lexis Communications offers a Certified document translation service for the translation of official documents that have to be presented to Canadian Federal and Provincial authorities for all legal uses. We translate your original documents from any language into English or French. Typically these translations will be certified, bearing seal and signature. Certified translations are widely accepted across Canada. Notarized translations may be required for use abroad*. In such cases, a notarization document bearing the seal and signature of the notary public will be attached to the translation. Both types of translations are presented in a format accepted by authorities, academic institutions, etc.

The following types of documents usually require certified translation:


              dia_bluve.gif Academic Degrees & Diplomas

              dia_bluve.gif Academic Transcripts

              dia_bluve.gif Adoption Documents

              dia_bluve.gif Affidavits

              dia_bluve.gif Birth Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Certificates of Residency

              dia_bluve.gif Civil Status Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Citizenship Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Clearance Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Death Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Divorce Decrees

              dia_bluve.gif Drivers Licenses

              dia_bluve.gif Extracts of Civil Registers

              dia_bluve.gif Immigration Documents

              dia_bluve.gif ID Cards

              dia_bluve.gif Insurance Claim Documents

              dia_bluve.gif Judgment Decrees

              dia_bluve.gif Medical Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Marriage Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Marriage Licenses

              dia_bluve.gif Military Service Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Name Change Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Nationality Certificates

              dia_bluve.gif Passports

              dia_bluve.gif Police Records

              dia_bluve.gif Real Estate Deeds

              dia_bluve.gif School Records

              dia_bluve.gif Sworn Affidavits

              dia_bluve.gif   Various Licenses & Permits

              dia_bluve.gif Wills & Testaments





                    We translate your original documents from any language into English or French.


                      This includes documents for newcomers to Canada and Quebec. Regular and rush delivery is available,  including after-hours and week-end service.


          If you require a high-quality accurate document translation that you can use for official purposes throughout Canada or abroad, carried out by experienced professionals who have successfully translated thousands of such documents, contact Lexis Communications now and see how you can benefit from our expertise and competitive prices.

        *It is the client's responsibility to inquire beforehand at the institution or establishment requiring the translation, concerning any specific requirements that may need to be addressed. While   in most cases Certification is considered acceptable, requirements may vary, requiring Notarization instead. 


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