Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Privacy Policy

Lexis Communications respects the privacy of all individuals who visit our website and utilize our language services. We also recognize the sensitivity and confidential nature of the data and materials entrusted to us by our clients. This statement of our Privacy Policy delineates our commitment to our clients and prospective clients, as well as visitors to our website, and describes the measures we have taken to ensure their privacy and to protect the confidentiality of all information we receive and process.

Our commitment to you

As a visitor to our website, you can be assured that Lexis Communications does not use cookies to track your visits to our site. As a prospective client of Lexis Communications, you can be assured that we will carefully and consistently safeguard your identifying information. Your name and contact information (including mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers) will only be used by Lexis Communications to contact you and to maintain your account. Additionally, we will not disclose to any third party any identifying information about you unless we are legally required to do so.

As a client of Lexis Communications, you can be further assured that all information within files we receive for translations purposes will be held in strictest confidence. Should you require a specific confidentiality agreement before submitting any document or material to us, we will be happy to comply. Additionally, all hardcopy and electronic files and materials are both electronically and physically secured from unauthorized access.

Information sharing

Our website also displays a select listing of some of our clients' business names, with their permission. If there are any changes in your business or organizational policy concerning the display of your name by third parties or you no longer wish to be included in this list, please advise us accordingly by contacting us.

Your personal and/or company information will never be used as references for prospective clients of Lexis Communications, unless you have previously authorized us to disclose such information to a third party.

For the protection of the confidentiality of attached document submissions as well as that of email addresses, Lexis Communications does not use any web-based email submission forms. As no third parties are involved, we feel that confidentiality is guaranteed to the best of our abilities. In the same respect concerning privacy, our website does not use cookies.

Website Usage

The use of crawlers, robots, data mining or similar data gathering and/or extraction technologies - whether employed once or multiple times - for purposes of archiving or re-utilisation of any elements of the Web Site, is forbidden without the express written consent of Lexis Communications. This includes all mass-downloading methods, Web Page screen captures as well as any other methods which do not respect the robots exclusion file and or page scripts. It is forbidden to sell, trade, share or distribute the contents of this Web Site or any data obtained from this Web Site to anyone for any and all intended uses, with no exceptions. Such methods are illegal and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Logs and server information, will be used as evidence against perpetrators in any litigation proceedings that may arise as a result of such actions. This Web Site is the property of Lexis Communications. All unauthorized data extraction is thus in direct violation of our copyright.  

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