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          Lexis Communications specializes in the translation of technical and scientific documentation. Whether in French Canadian or in any of the more than 50 languages available, we can help you convey your message clearly and with accuracy. All our staff is highly qualified both technically through academic credentials and professional experience, as well as linguistically as native speaker professional translators. When in need of translating any documents, it is absolutely essential that the language service provider you choose has the proven experience in your specific field of expertise. Inaccurate translations in fields requiring extensive technical knowledge may lead to loss of reputation, revenue, market share, or liability claims.

      At Lexis Communications with our many years of professional experience we offer cost-effective translations that are qualitative, precise in the technical terminology used and always conveying the nuances of the original document. All translated documents are proofread by another qualified editor before they are turned over to the client. For regulatory purposes, we can provide you with certification and notarization of all translations. Compliant with the ISO-9001 standard, our quality control process, along with terminological leveraging techniques, assure linguistic accuracy and consistency. This results in high quality, cost-saving targeted language solutions benefiting our customers.

          Our clients come from diverse sectors such as,   Automotive, Biomedical and Construction, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Power, Telecommunication, IT, Naval, Textile, Aerospace, Environmental and Broadcast Engineering. Other scientific and technical documents that we translate here at Lexis Communications are related to Chemical Processes, Optics, Acoustics, Antennas, Petroleum, Radio Propagation, RFID, Consumer Electronics, Computer and Internet Technologies, Mobile Devices, as well as Defense technologies. Such translation projects are in the form of:


                              dia_bluve.gif Engineering documents, specifications, and drawings

                      dia_bluve.gif Reports and feasibility, environmental and other studies

                      dia_bluve.gif Patents, contracts and legal documents

                      dia_bluve.gif Regulatory documents

                      dia_bluve.gif Scientific and Technical journals

                      dia_bluve.gif Technical manuals

                      dia_bluve.gif Tenders, bid documents, inquiries, proposals


              Our attention to detail has earned Lexis Communications a reputation for quality and cost-effective translations. In fact, a large part of our business comprises loyal customers and referral clients who entrust us time and time again with the translation of important technical and scientific documents.

              Contact us to find out how we can help you to achieve the highest translation quality while substantially lowering your costs as well.



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