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                All of our translations at Lexis Communications can be certified or notarized. Notarized translations will be first certified, bearing seal and signature and then will be notarized. Translations are presented in a format accepted by authorities, academic institutions, etc. This Certified Translation Service is offered to legal professionals, executives and private individuals, in a multitude of languages for the following types of documents:


            dia_bluve.gif Affidavits

            dia_bluve.gif Agreements

            dia_bluve.gif Articles

            dia_bluve.gif Company Registrations

            dia_bluve.gif Complaints

            dia_bluve.gif Customs Documents

            dia_bluve.gif Death Certificates

            dia_bluve.gif Divorce Decrees

            dia_bluve.gif Financial Statements

            dia_bluve.gif Glossaries

            dia_bluve.gif Guidelines

            dia_bluve.gif Insurance Claim Documents

            dia_bluve.gif Judgment Decrees

            dia_bluve.gif Judicial Decisions

            dia_bluve.gif Judicial Summons

            dia_bluve.gif Legal Contracts

            dia_bluve.gif Manuals

            dia_bluve.gif Passports

          dia_bluve.gif Policies and Procedures

            dia_bluve.gif Practices

            dia_bluve.gif Real Estate Deeds

            dia_bluve.gif Recommendations

            dia_bluve.gif Regulatory Issues

            dia_bluve.gif Sworn Affidavits

            dia_bluve.gif Tax Certificates

            dia_bluve.gif Wills & Testaments



Need translations for the U.S.?

          We provide translations meeting the requirements by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS),  as well as American Colleges, Universities  and government agencies. Regular and rush delivery is available,  including after-hours and week-end  service.

          If you require a high-quality accurate document translation that you can use for any legal purposes, from experienced professionals who have successfully translated thousands of such documents for satisfied clients worldwide, contact Lexis Communications now and see how you can benefit from our expertise and competitive prices.


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