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          Technical writing encompasses the researching, writing, editing and publishing of documents in delivering clear and consistent technical information. Well-written technical documents reduce the possibilities for human error, ease the utilization of new  systems and equipment, all while minimizing training and support costs for our clients. Lexis Communications has been successful in multilingual technical writing by offering high-quality multilingual technical writing services at competitive prices. Our clients come from diverse fields such as Engineering, IT, Manufacturing, Biotechnologies, Power and Gas, Defense and Aerospace among others.

            Our many years of experience in Project Planning, Writing, Editing and Publishing, combined with our ability to provide you with high quality technical documentation in the language of your choice, have set us apart from the competition. At Lexis Communications we are experienced at designing and developing technical content for printed and online media. Our experienced staff of technical writers, project managers, technical translators, editors, designers, illustrators, and DTP specialists can create your multilingual documents in many formats including: 


              dia_bluve.gif Acrobat

              dia_bluve.gif AutoCAD

              dia_bluve.gif Director

              dia_bluve.gif Dreamweaver

              dia_bluve.gif Fireworks 

              dia_bluve.gif 3D Studio

              dia_bluve.gif Flash

              dia_bluve.gif FrameMaker

            dia_bluve.gif FrontPage

            dia_bluve.gif Illustrator

            dia_bluve.gif PageMaker

            dia_bluve.gif Photoshop

            dia_bluve.gif QuarkXPress

            dia_bluve.gif RoboHelp

            dia_bluve.gif CorelDraw

            dia_bluve.gif Word



            At Lexis Communications, multilingual technical writing is accomplished through on-site and onshore resources, thereby eliminating the uncertainties in quality often faced by clients and usually associated with offshore outsourcing. We approach multilingual technical writing in a manner which is client-centered, professional and cost-effective.

            To find out how you and your company can benefit from our multilingual technical writing services please contact us.



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